Tried and liked:

VIBRAM® FUROSHIKI Oslo WP – see also on another store

  • IMPORTANT: The model is tight on the sides (I usually wear 37/38 but with these shoes my size is 41)
  • In comparison with Summer barefoot shoes, these shoes don’t have the same “barefoot” feeling to them. But for winter boots they are pretty comfortable (they feel a bit like house shoes)
  • They have an anti-slip sole that helps on icy ground.
  • Even though the boots are tight on the sides, they have a normal length so the feet are a bit too loose
  • In the beginning they hurt a bit on the heels but with time the shoes adjust to your feet
  • In deep snow the velcro on the sides doesn’t work but the shoes don’t come off the feet and are still waterproof


My favourites:

Kross Urban Mid Schuhe (these are actually minimal shoes and not barefoot) – see also the blue version , the brown version and other colours

Kross Sprint Schuhe – also in silver

Kross Sprint Mid Schuhe – see also with orange laces

Feelmax Kuuva 3

EXPEQ Obscure Waterproof



Trek Barfuß Stiefelette MEMBRANE Schwarz –  see also on another store and also on another store

Ahinsa Barfuß Stiefelette Lifo+ Schwarz 

QUINTIC Winter Velours Brown Waterproof

QUEST Low Brown Waterproof – see also the black version

QUEST Black Waterproof – see also the brown version and a bordeaux/beige version

Ahinsa Barfuß Stiefelette Lifo+ Leicht Brown

Sundara Barfuß Lifo+ Casual

Ananda Barfuß Casual

Cityeti – see also the more and other colours

Ahinsa Close-up Black

Ahinsa Comfort Close-Up Black

QUINTIC Brogue Black Waterproof

BRIQ Brogue Waterproof Black

EXPEQ Bash Waterproof

EXPEQ Mid Black Waterproof

EXPEQ Lunar Waterproof

EXPEQ Vegan Cuoio Waterproof

EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof

QUINTIC Winter Waterproof Black

Kuuva 5 black – there’s also a brown version

Kuuva 4 Hiking Boot

Uura gray Waterproof Mid-height hiking boot


Cityeti Plus – more colours


Crew 3S

Regatta 3S Shoe



Pack II

Taiga II


Tried and didn’t like:

ZAQQ EXPEQ black version (there is also a Brown version) – they are very hard and bulky shoes. They were not comfortable and definitely didn’t give me a barefoot feel. They also hurt a bit on the ankle. I really can’t imagine myself being able to walk long ways with these shoes

Vivobarefoot Tracker Firm Ground Ladies (there is also a 
brown version) – check the size chart and order accordingly (don’t believe what they say about the shoes being too big); they are bulky and hard and put pressure on the ankle

Vivobarefoot Trail Freak II Waterproof  – they are very tight on the top and on the sides

Kross Urban Schuhe (see more and more colours) – Don’t trust their sizing charts, just order your usual shoe size. I ordered the 36 (usually I wear the 37) and it’s too small. They are a bit hard and feel a bit like when wearing business shoes, not really that barefoot shoes feeling. They have an elastic exactly on the curve between the foot and the leg that after walking for a while starts hurting.